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FS Panel Studio Revision History

FS Panel Studio has been in continuous development since 2000. Many of the current features are the result of user feedback and enhancement requests. If you have an idea for a new feature, please contact us.

Version 1.0 Build 1049 Nov 22/01
  • Initial Release

Version 1.0 Build 1079 Nov 23/01
  • Fixed problem with long file name file system errors when extracting Gauges

Version 1.0 Build 1267 Nov 26/01
  • Fixed problem with extracting Gauges when located on a compressed file system disk.
  • Added Clear Gauge Cache function in the Advanced Preferences dialog, used to clear out the cache used by FS Panel Studio to speed up Gauge extraction.

Version 1.0 Build 1641 Nov 29/01
  • Added new Gauge Cleaner tool.
  • now easier to manipulate small Gauges with the mouse.

Version 1.0 Build 1645 Dec 02/01
  • Fixed problem with Gauge Cleaner under reporting unreferenced Gauges when not in FS2002 mode.

Version 1.0 Build 1746 Jan 06/02
  • improved Gauge Cleaner search algorithm no longer under reports Aircraft with multiple panels.
  • fixed problems with [VIEWS] sections where FSPS does not keep ZOOM settings.
  • fixed problems with Windows XP Gauge extraction

Version 1.1 Build 6272 Feb 22/02
  • Editing of Gauge Bitmaps for ALL Gauge types
  • Editing of XML data for XML Gauges
  • Display of all bitmaps for XML Gauges
  • Hide/Show full screen bitmaps to aid editing
  • Improvements to the Gauge Cleaner algorithm
  • Improvements to the User Interface
  • minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 Build 6587 Feb 27/02

  • Adding new Panels is now done via a Wizard.

Version 1.1 Build 6588 Mar 04/02

  • This release addresses a problem where some users have experienced occasional Gauge resizing in height when Panels are read in.

Version 1.1 Build 8087 Apr 07/02
  • Adds a Wizard to help create new Gauges, using existing XML Gauges as a base.
  • Enhancements to the Gauge Editor for XML gauges
  • minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 Build 8294 Apr 15/02
  • Fixes errors in Create Gauge Wizard where new Gauges did not build correctly, or had errors with "short names"
  • Fixes a problem with FS Panel Studio going into an endless loop when trying to add or edit a Gauge if there is a corrupt or non Gauge file in the FS2002 "Gauges" folder.
  • Enhancements in error handling when dealing with corrupt Gauges
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 Build 13753 Oct21/02
  • FS Panel Studio can now read XML Gauges out of both CAB files, and pre-extracted in folders
  • Alternate bitmap editor launching now works with Adobe Photoshop
  • On 32 bit graphics displays, you can now view masked bitmaps in Gauges
  • Improved display and manipulation of XML Gauges
  • Improved search for panel.cfg files in the Gauge Cleaner
  • Switching from high to low resolution Panel displays can now be done via a toolbar button
  • Enhancements to the Gauge Editors
  • All outstanding bugs fixed

Version 1.1 Build 13879 Oct25/02
  • Further enhancements to the Gauge Cleaner, now deals correctly with aliased panels and XML folder gauges.
  • Restored the "Set Gauge Aspect Ratio to 1.0" menu pick by popular demand
  • Fixes to problem where Gauge Size Y value would be lost

Version 1.1 Build 14018 Nov 18/02
  • Improvements to XML Gauge code, now compatible with RealAir Simulations Gauges.
  • Fix to Gauge Cleaner to prevent crashes
  • Maximum number of Windows increased to 64
  • Better handling of poorly written XML Gauges.
  • Maximum number of sub-gauges increased to 150

Version 1.1 Build 14075 Jan 6/03
  • Fix to New Gauge Wizard, to add missing mask bitmaps when building a new CAB file.
  • Update to XML Gauge decoder to better handle ImageSize errors

Version 1.1 Build 14116 Mar 05/03
  • Misc fixes to Gauge Display code.
  • Fixes to Window Positioning Dialog

Version 1.1 Build 14153 Mar 12/03>
  • FS Panel Studio will now read panel.cfg files with grossly misnumbered Gauges, such as the MAAM B-25.
  • FS Panel Studio will now read panel.cfg files with misnumbered Windows, such as the Microsoft Lear45.

Version 1.1 Build 14571 Aug 12/03
  • FS Panel Studio now supports FS2004!

Version 1.1 Build 14591 Aug 21/03
  • FS Panel Studio now supports both .CAB and .GAU files located in the local Panel folder
  • Problems with some Gauges not loading correctly with external dependencies, now fixed

Version 1.1 Build 14852 Oct 03/03
  • A new tool has been added to allow you to configure day, night and luminous lighting effects (on full color systems!)
  • You can now specify an XML editor to invoke instead of notepad when editing XML files
  • An option has been added in the Preferences dialog to automatically clear the gauge cache on exit
  • minor bug fixes

Version 1.1 Build 15660 May 30/04

  • Better extraction of all gauge bitmaps for display
  • minor bug fixes and reliability improvements

Version 1.1 Build 15669 June 12/04
  • Fixed problem some users were seeing with accessing XML gauges causing a crash.

Version 1.1 Build 15838 Sep 19/04
  • Cumulative bug fix update.

Version 1.1 Build 15988 Apr 14/05
  • Cumulative bug fix update.

Version 1.1 Build 17160 Oct 7/05
  • Cumulative bug fixes
  • Complete support for Gauges found in the Aircraft Panel folder
  • increased maximum number of Gauges and Sub Gauges
  • updated toolbar graphics for full color systems
  • improved Gauge cleaner

Version 1.1 Build 18222 Dec 9/05
  • Cumulative bug fixes
  • New Gauge Swap function as suggested by P.S. Bartelt
  • Open Aircraft style now configurable
  • FSPS no longer crashes when attempting to reload and the file no longer exists
  • Fixed a problem with growing Window menu entries on complex panels.

Version 1.2 Build 20203 Nov 17/06
  • Cumulative bug fixes
  • FSX support!

Version 1.2 Build 20204 Nov 21/06
  • Fixed a problem where optimized code would not run on AMD processors.

Version 1.2 Build 20207 Dec 10/06
  • The notepad edit tool now saves the modified file correctly
  • Maximum panel.cfg size has been increased
  • Fixed a problem where comments in the aircraft.cfg would prevent loading

Version 1.2 Build 20218 Apr 02/07
  • Window background editing has been fixed in Vista
  • Fixed a problem with comments in panel.cfg files
  • Fixed a problem with comments in XML gauge files

Version 1.2 Build 20219 Oct 22/07
  • Added compatibility with Flight1 Avidyne Entegra gauges

Version 1.2 Build 20340 Nov 15/07
  • Added additional Windows Vista compatibility.

Version 1.2 Build 21457 Sep 05/09
  • Added additional Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Minor Bug fixes

Version 1.2 Build 21560Sep 27/09
  • Fixes rare problems with non-ASCII characters in XML gauges..

Version 1.2 Build 21603 Oct 02/09
  • Build 21603 reduces the number of warning messages displayed when bad gauges are found, and allows editing XML gauges without bitmaps.

Version 1.2 Build 22737 Feb 16/11
  • FSX users are warned when an incompatible gauge (FS98 format) is found on a panel.
  • Fixed an issue where iFly737 panels were not read correctly.

Version 1.2 Build 22900 July 10/11
  • Fixed a rare crash when accessing DirectX based gauges
  • Added "Help:Check for Updates"

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