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Technical Support

Upgrading and Reinstalling   User Forum

Registered owners of any FS Panel Studio 1.X version may upgrade by downloading upgrade patches, or by reinstalling the latest version using the Flight1 activation key. Detailed instructions on how to upgrade can be found at the Upgrade page.

  Meet other users of FS Panel Studio, pose general questions to the user community or suggest improvements at the Flight1 Software SimForums.

Please continue to use the support email address, support@fspanelstudio.com, to report technical problems to us directly.


Support Questions or Comments    Revision History

For support with your license key or with purchasing please contact Flight1.com directly!

Support for FS Panel Studio is offered via email only. Please contact us at support@fspanelstudio.com. It is important that you include the following information in your support request:

  • The Build number of FS Panel Studio that your are using, and the version of Windows you are using
  • The full text of any error messages your are seeing
  • A detailed description of the error, including screenshots when possible
  • If your problem involves specific Gauges or Panels, please include them in your email

Including this information will expedite the support process.


A Revision History is available here for all versions of FS Panel Studio.
Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10

Windows 7, Windows 8.X/10 and Windows Vista use UAC (User Account Control), which creates problems when a regular (not-Administrator) user attempts to edit Microsoft Flight Sim files installed in the default "C:\Program Files" folder.

The quick solution is to right click on fsps.exe in Windows Explorer, and select "Run As Administrator".

We recommend the following two pages for more detailed information on how to work around these and similar problems with all of your FS add-ons in Windows Vista, 7, and 8.X:


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