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 FS Panel Studio Features

FS Panel Studio Main Window  

The Main Window of FS Panel Studio. What you see in FS Panel Studio is what you'll see in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Drag and Drop editing with the mouse  

In this screen shot, 4 gauges have been selected and are being moved in a group. You can use your mouse to drag and resize gauges. Zoom in to line up your panel. What you see is what you get - no guesswork involved!
Add a New Gauge to a Panel  

The Add A New Gauge dialog, displaying a sub gauge from within the 737-400.GAU file. FS Panel Studio supports all Microsoft Gauge types.

Add any Gauge in your system to any Panel. Mix old style .gau Gauges with new format XML Gauges.

Gauge Properties  
The properties of the Cessna!Attitude gauge are displayed. You can see at a glance the resource bitmaps, position and size of the Gauge. You can enter exact values for the placement and size if you wish.

Editing .GAU format Gauges
The gauge editor, when editing .GAU format gauges, allows you to edit the bitmaps stored as resources in the file. Click on "Edit Bitmap" and FS Panel Studio will extract the bitmap and launch your preferred external bitmap editor for editing.

You can change the appearance of the bitmaps that make up your Gauge to customize the look of your panel.

Editing XML Format Gauges
The XML Gauge editor allows you to open and examine XML format gauges. Editing existing bitmaps or attributes is a mouse click away. FS Panel Studio makes it easy to see and edit the structure of your Gauges.

Opening a Panel
The easy to use Open dialog allows you to select any Panel installed on your system, using the same user interface used by FS2004.

Position Windows with a mouse click

Interactively place the Windows which make up your Panel. See exactly where they will appear when your run FS2004.

Use the Gauge Cleaner to clean up your files

One of many useful tools in FS Panel Studio, the Gauge cleaner will help ferret out missing and unreferenced Gauges. Speed up FS2004 by removing unneeded gauges.
To see FS Panel Studio in action for yourself, download a free demo copy!
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Now edit sound configs as easily as you edit panels. From the makers of FS Panel Studio -
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